Mariners' Church


Our children's ministries exist to DIVE:
DRAW children of our community in.
INSTRUCT them in God's Word...Know
VALUE deeper relationships with Christ and others...Grow
ENCOURAGE service to the glory of God...Go

TIDE POOL CLASSES Our Tide Pool classes as a safe and loving environment for children ranging from birth through five years. Tide Pool is designed to give preschoolers a first impression of their loving Heavenly Father. Our nursery is prepared with you and your little ones in mind. At the age of 1 Ω, children will start to hear short stories and work on simple activities. When they reach 2 Ω, we start having lessons every week as we take a yearlong walk through the Bible using our professionally customized curriculum. This will help them gain a basic understanding of the life changing stories found in the Bible. They will also enjoy singing songs, making crafts, and playing with other children their age. Our desire is for children to learn about Jesus and the love He has for them while experiencing a warm and engaging atmosphere.

WAVE POOL CLASSES Wave pool is a small group ministry to help children grow up in the same way Jesus did: in wisdom, in favor with God and in favor with people. We have reduced these to three words: wisdom, faith and friendship. ìand Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.î Luke 2:52 We teach the character of God through Christ-like virtues, using the Bible to illustrate what that looks like. There is a time where all K-5th graders get together to hear fun and interactive stories and praise the Lord through song. The rest of the time is spent in smaller groups with teachers that want to build healthy relationships with the kids. At the end of our time, God-time devotional and refrigerator door cards are sent home to help parents connect church and home.

We are the Student Ministries of Mariners’ Church in Annapolis, MD. This reaches the middle school and high school students of the Anne Arundel Area. We exist to form spiritually healthy followers of Jesus Christ.

We have fun. We laugh together. We cry together. We grow together. We serve together. We do games, music, camps, retreats, random fun nights, service projects, mission trips, and most of all we worship Jesus Christ together!

SNL Sunday Night Live!
On the 1st Sunday night of the month from 6-8 pm, itís blow out time! This is an atmosphere that is totally engaging with video games, snack bar, coffee area, ping pong, foosball, games, incredible live music, and a message that speaks to teenagers where they live. If you have never been to our church, any church, or youth group before, this is the place to start! No pressure! No sales pitches! Just an atmosphere that lets you know that there are some people that love Jesus, can have fun, and love you! Make sure to check the online calendar for special nights as well!

Small Groups
On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday nights of the month from 6-8pm we have our teen small groups. Itís easy to get lost in the crowd on a Sunday morning or even at 1st Sunday, but we were created for relationships. Part of that is being known. We have an atmosphere of groups where teens will get into one with other teens of similar age and gender. Small groups allow you to grow, serve, worship, and reach out together, as well as having people that can genuinely care for each other. When youíre not there, youíre missed! You matter! The only thing missing from the small group now is you!

Going Deep
For those teenagers that have committed themselves to going deeper with their faith, and putting Godís Word into action in their lives, Going Deep is for you. On Sunday mornings at 11:00 am youíll have an opportunity to go deep. Along with the extra commitment of making sure to be in a worship service and doing any work involved with the class, you will also have an accountability partner to help you stick with Going Deep!

Camps Camps, retreats, and mission trips are an awesome time to get away, form new friendships, have lots of fun, and be challenged in a way that will change a teenagersí life forever. We do a Middle School Summer Camp, a High School Summer Camp, a Winter Retreat, various getaways, and Mission Trips at different times of the year. These are donít-want-to-miss events! They donít happen often, so when they do, youíll want to make sure to jump all over them!

Imagine the transforming power of men coming together within your church and community to honestly examine their lives and take the courageous steps necessary to embrace authentic manhood on a journey to become who God intends them to be.

We want to see women in all phases of life become mature followers of Jesus Christ by knowing the truth of the Scriptures through Bible Studies, growing in community through edifying relationships and mentoring, and going to serve through their roles as individuals, wives, mothers, sisters, friends and members of His body.

Also available at Mariners' Church is a MOPS program for mothers!

Mariners' Missions efforts are driven by our desire to reach out into our local community and the world with the love of Jesus and HIs gospel of salvation.

We strive to serve the greater Annapolis area. From food drops to prison ministries, we want to be a part of our local community.

Short Term
In addition to supplementing other larger teams, we want to be prepared to serve those with sudden immediate need. Working alongside the Salvation Army, we desire for some members to join a Disaster Operations Team, supporting Base Camp and Vehicle operations.

Partner Churches and Missionaries
Pastor Vasily and Family in Zhitomir, Ukraine. Mariners supports Pastor Vasily’s evangelistic work in four rural villages near Zhitomir. When he started there were no evangelical Christians in these villages. They now have established churches in three of the villages and home Bible studies in others. Mariners helped build the church in Studenytsya and helped them purchase two vans to bus villagers to church. Ws also sent a short-term team to Zhitomir in March of 2006 to help dedicate the new church building at Studenytsya and had another trip in 2008.

Pastor Alexei and Family in Ivanovo, Russia. Mariners’ supports their work in the Shuya Orphanage, their Christian Bookstore (an evangelistic outreach), their college seminars, and their anti-abortion efforts. They are presently working to establish place where orphans can acquire life skills before entering back into society. Mariners’ Church sent a short-term missions team to Ivanovo in October of 2006 and another in the fall of 2008.